Intelligent People Need Financial Planners Too!

Cecilia Brown |

Thanks to our friend Google, we have an amazing amount of information at our fingertips at any moment of the day.  So, do you really need to work with a financial planner?  Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with some amazingly intelligent people – literal rocket scientists, world renowned surgeons and doctors, individuals who are very high up in our government, economists, and  people without fancy titles that still blow my socks off.  I know how much value I was able to add to their situations.

As a financial planner, I know what you don’t know.  For example, I have worked with many of my clients to understand their work benefits.  Many of my clients were unsure of how to most effectively combine strategies in using their deferred compensation plans with their 401k plans to maximize their tax advantages.  I worked with others to use their 401ks to their advantage with after-tax contributions and Roth conversions. These strategies will potentially make a major impact not only on their taxes today, but also their taxes throughout their retirement.

As intelligent as many of my clients are, some still need my help to get around their mental blocks.  For example, I have had more that one conversation with clients about why they are keeping over $100,000 in their savings account earning less than one half of a percent while not paying down their mortgage or some other debt.  It’s not rational and they know it, but it takes a conversation and someone else pointing it out to them to get them to act.

My process for financial planning includes systematic reviews with my clients.  This is important because a financial plan is constantly changing.  It is easy to miss changes in the tax laws, changes in the stock market and the impact that your life changes will have on your financial plan.  My job is to make sure that none of this gets missed. 

No matter how intelligent you are, having an adviser who focuses on the big picture of your financial plan can make a drastic impact on your financial future!