Is it Time to Reroute Your Financial Plan?

Cecilia Brown |

Have you ever done any of these things on a road trip?

  • You’ve looked at Google Maps and noticed an accident up ahead, so you decide to reroute.
  • Realize that there’s an attraction that your family might be interested in, so you decide on a whim to take the next exit.
  • Argued with your spouse over the right navigation tool to use (or maybe that’s just me).

You start the GPS and get headed in the right direction.  When things come up, you take a moment to calculate your next steps and at the beginning of every day, you start fresh towards your destination. You also may do a quick mid-route recalculation when you think a problem may be coming your way – for example, we always recalculate our route when we are within two miles of the DC beltway.  Any number of things could have changed with regards to traffic since we left home and we know that we have options to go in one of several ways to ensure we arrive at our destination as quickly as possible. 

In our lives, we’re constantly rerouting and making decisions that lead to the next decision. We’re always looking for the right tools to use to get us where we want to go. I have never been on a road trip where everything has gone as expected and we’ve 100% stuck to our original plan.


Welcome to Financial Planning

Just like a road trip, when we begin the financial planning process, we’re coming up with a plan that’s going to get us going in the right direction. We generally know where we want to go…

  • College funding
  • Necessary insurance
  • Retirement planning

…but the road is never a straight line from point A to B. Things happen that force us reroute.

  • Illness
  • Job changes
  • Caregiving

It’s important to embrace “rerouting” when it comes to financial planning. No one meets with an advisor once and then stays on the exact same path. Life happens and we have to redirect.

That’s why we meet with our clients every six months to see how they’re doing and what’s changed in their lives. We love having these conversations and making adjustments when needed. We make sure we take advantage of changes before they take advantage of our clients.

Do you know where you’re headed?