(Comprehensive) Financial Planning

Our team uses a top-down approach to develop your plan. We scrutinize your situation regularly, examining your plan to uncover any potential obstacles that would prevent you from pursuing the future you envision. To help organize, evaluate, and simplify everything for you, we use eMoney Wealth
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Goal Review

Wealth management is more than knowing where your investments are – it’s working with every aspect that contributes to your wealth – your financial and estate plans, charitable contributions, tax strategies, and building lasting relationships with the professionals, such as attorneys and tax
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Investment Management

As an advisory representative of Lincoln Financial Securities, C. Beach Brown applies systematic, disciplined, and deeply researched methods to selecting and re-evaluating investment options that suit your risk level and are designed to pursue your needs. Depending on your specific financial needs
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Retirement Services / Pre-Retirement

Before you embark on your retirement journey, it’s important to have a plan in place. We’ll work with you throughout your transition into retirement to understand your financial goals, lifestyle, and plan for income. Your plan doesn’t stop there – we continue to meet with our clients after
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Retirement Income Planning

The income you rely on during your retirement may come from many sources such as a pension, Social Security, 401(k), and personal retirement accounts. Based on your goals for retirement and resources, we’ll work with you to develop an income plan and offer solutions to help your income last
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Risk Management Planning /Analysis

Insurance and risk planning is an important part of your financial security. Our team of long-term care, disability, and experienced life insurance consultants work with us to develop a strategy that is designed to work for you. Using that strategy, our consultants evaluate the options and select
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Legacy Planning

Plan for the future with a plan for your legacy. We can help you identify giving strategies and work with trust administration professionals to establish your legacy plan including charitable giving, trusts, up-to-date beneficiaries and help ensure a smooth transfer of assets.
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Education Planning

We understand that our clients want the best for their children – part of that is providing them with a college education and relieving them of the burden of student debt. As education costs increase, the sooner you start planning for your children’s educational future, the better. We incorporate
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Centers of Influence

We work with a network of professional referrals that, when coordinated with, help us manage your wealth and financial plan. To help develop a comprehensive financial plan, we recommend establishing relationships with trusted attorneys, mortgage consultants/companies, and tax professionals.
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Estate Planning

Having a will and trust is great start when it comes to your estate planning – we can coordinate with your estate planning attorney to help you understand the complete picture of what happens to your assets after you’re gone. This means making sure that your wealth is set to transfer to the
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Charitable Giving Strategies

Set up a donor-advised fund Charitable giving is meaningful to investors and non-investors alike. As an investor, we’ll work with you to understand if a donor- advised fund is a good fit for you. Donor-advised funds allow you to donate securities and direct your contribution to your registered
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Cash Flow Management

The more your debt grows, the more daunting it becomes to get out of it. We can help you develop a plan to manage and minimize your debt before moving on to other financial goals. We’ll work with you to understand your cashflow and where your money is going. From there, we’ll strategize a payoff
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Much of our focus at C. Beach Brown is helping individuals and businesses prepare for the future. We handle personal retirement plans and business retirement plans. We help you determine how much to contribute and educate you about the different vehicles available to you. They include: 401(k) plans
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Whether you wish to invest wisely to fund your financial independence during retirement, protect your business assets, or preserve your wealth for future generations, you can be assured C. Beach Brown has your needs and wishes in mind.

Our Professionals provide a comprehensive array of services to help you pursue your short- and long-term financial goals. They include:

Offered through C. Beach Brown

  • Business planning
  • Insurance needs analysis
  • Health care planning
  • Long-term care planning
  • Benefit services

Offered through Representatives of Lincoln Financial Services

  • Financial planning
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Income planning
  • Investment planning
  • Risk management planning
  • Education planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Charitable giving planning

Start planning your financial future today!