Melissa Barnickel CPA, CLTC

Insurance Specialist

Melissa Barnickel is CPA and a licensed insurance broker specializing in Long-Term Care Insurance (CLTC). She has worked in Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCi) industry for 27 the past years. Additionally, her extensive financial background includes a CPA certification where she worked as an auditor and consultant for KPMG, Controller and Vice President of Finance in the industry. The unique blending of knowledge of the LTCi industry and extensive financial background make Melissa an experienced professional in providing her clients with a customized policy that enhances their retirement income and resources. When Melissa customizes a policy for a client, she listens to what coverage a client hopes to gain from LTCi as well as their budgetary constraints. She is a broker of many different insurance carriers and as a result she will compare carriers and do all of the “leg work” and shopping for you. Melissa is not affiliated with Lincoln Financial Securities.