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Be Prepared: Home Issues Can be an Inconvenience, Not a Catastrophe

Be Prepared: Home Issues Can be an Inconvenience, Not a Catastrophe

March 09, 2021

When disaster strikes at home, it’s incredibly stressful. Our homes are our sanctuaries, our comfort zones. So, when you have pipe burst or a sewage back up (lovely, I know) it can send you into a panic.

In many ways, it’s just not easy dealing with the stress of homeownership when things go awry. But the thing is that we can actually be prepared so that should something happen…we’re not completely overwhelmed.


Here Are Some Suggestions

When the pipe burst on my hot water heater (not for the first time), I knew that I could write the check I needed to and keep on moving – that’s because I had prepared for the worst. Here’s what I did:


  1. When I purchased our homeowner’s policy 11 years ago, I made sure that we had an extra water rider.  Yes, I pay a little more for this, but I had problems in my previous home, so I thought it was worth the peace of mind.  Turns out, it is- again and again. 
  2. We keep good financial records, so I was able to pull the last flooring bill. We also have a file with serial numbers of any expensive item that we have.
  3. Our financial records, which we keep in the basement are in plastic bins to protect them. We also keep electronic copies of everything that is really important. When you have the data, you take the guess work out of the process.


Don’t Wait

Now is a good time to get organized and reach out to your property and casualty insurance agent to see what coverage you have to make sure you are adequately insured. I speak from personal experience when I say a home disaster stinks, but if you prepare for the worst and expect the best, it is an inconvenience not a catastrophe.