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The biggest compliment I can receive from a client or colleague is their referral. If you know someone who is looking for assistance with comprehensive financial planning, it’s now easier than ever to send them my information!



Cecilia Beach Brown CFP® is the owner of C. Beach Brown, a comprehensive financial planning practice. She is dedicated to helping clients realize their current and future financial goals by assisting them with their investment management, retirement planning, education strategies, and legacy planning.

Cecilia earned her Certified Financial Planner designation in 2003 and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA™) designation in 2007. She has also worked extensively with Lincoln Financial Securities to help develop a company-wide initiative around Dynamic Financial Planning.

When she’s not in the office, you can find Cecilia with her husband and two daughters – often on a lacrosse field. She also enjoys staying active with her local church, crabbing, sailing, and working in the garden.


I Love Working with Clients Who…

Want to know what they don’t know or is very successful in their career and wants to focus their energy where they can make the most impact.

Sample Email Introductions

Now introducing me to your friends and family is as simple as copy and paste!

Sample 1

Meet Cecilia “Cele” Brown CFP®, owner of C. Beach Brown. I mentioned her to you because she specializes in comprehensive financial planning. Here's her contact information:

Sample 2

Hello [FIRST NAME]! I wanted to introduce you to my friend, Cecilia “Cele” Brown CFP®. She focuses on a “top down” financial planning approach with her clients and helps them with everything from investments to retirement planning. Cele leads with the big picture and then helps her clients put the pieces of their financial puzzle together. Here's her contact information:

Sample 3


In our recent conversation, you mentioned (pain point this person is hoping to solve).

I wanted to introduce you to Cecilia “Cele” Brown CFP®, owner of C. Beach Brown. She is a comprehensive financial planner who focuses on:

  • Investment management
  • Cash flow management
  • Retirement and income planning
  • Risk management planning/analysis
  • Education strategies
  • Charitable giving strategies
  • Estate and legacy planning strategies

Cele’s step-by-step process was created to help clients with their current and future financial goals. She is dedicated to helping her clients through difficult times – such as the loss of a spouse or loss of a job – as well as celebrating major milestones, like retirement and funding college education.

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