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Our Approach

Client Centered

Wealth management is more than knowing where your investments are – it’s working with every aspect that contributes to your wealth. Your financial and estate plans, charitable contributions, tax strategies, and building lasting relationships with the professionals, such as your attorneys and tax professionals, are all key to your planning success.

At C. Beach Brown, we help manage your whole financial picture with a top-down approach and guide you through a thorough process every step of the way. So you know exactly where your financial future is headed and how to potentially get there.

Our Step-by-Step Process

Your Next Step

Is your current financial strategy steering you toward your desired destination?

Let’s find out:

Is your investment portfolio designed appropriately for where you want to go?

Or should you reevaluate your situation and change direction to help protect your nest egg?

Where are you spending your money?

How are you allocating your assets?

Are you using your work retirement plan to its fullest extent?

Does your long-term care policy cover what you think it does?

Are your beneficiaries structured properly?

If you’re not sure about the answers to any of these questions, we can help you.

To help organize, evaluate, and simplify everything for you, we use eMoney Wealth Manger from eMoney Advisor. Wealth Manager allows us to aggregate all your accounts to see your full financial picture. This platform allows you to download data from your investment company, your banks, and much more, so you know exactly what’s going on. eMoney Wealth Manger also organizes all your financial information in a vault—including your tax returns, will, and power of attorney. eMoney Wealth Manger also helps us interpret data and monitor progress daily, so we have the most up to date information to help you make decisions.

To take the next step toward a confident financial future, contact us.

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