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BLACK FRIDAY: The Most Wonderful Day of the Year!

BLACK FRIDAY: The Most Wonderful Day of the Year!

November 22, 2021

That’s what my seventh-grade daughter recently told me. Of all of the traits I’ve passed on to her…I’m most proud of our mutual love of Black Friday.

While many people hear those words and shudder in terror, we get excited about it in our house. That’s because we have a system that I am – shhhhh – going to share with you.


The Brown Family Plan for Black Friday Success

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. 

Like everything in life, you’ve got to have a plan.  Ours starts on Thanksgiving Day when we go to the grocery store and purchase one of every major paper.  Then we sit down with the ads and a big marker and get to work circling everything that looks interesting.  Yes, I realize that there are websites and apps that do this, but we like to go old school.

After we’ve been through the ads a couple of times, we pull out the pad of paper and list out what we want to purchase from each store, the price, and for whom.  Here’s what we’ve found:

  • Many stores are selling the same or very similar items. 
  • They all have the one item meant to get you in the door. 
  • You need to know specifically what item you are purchasing at each store. 

This takes a little bit of analysis!

While I can use my assets to box people out like a champ (see what I did there), there’s no need.  Stores are running sales starting Thanksgiving night, but we don’t partake in that craziness.  I would rather celebrate one holiday at a time.  We get up at 5 AM on Friday morning, layer up (a must!) and put on our running shoes with the good inserts in.  Never underestimate the importance of proper footwear when you are on a mission.

Our goal is to have all of our presents completely wrapped by the end of the day on Black Friday with everything logged and ready to go. 


Here’s Our (Patent-Pending) System

  • 5:50 AM Shotgun Start: Hardware store for either $0.50 or $1 Poinsettias.  I usually go for the $1 ones as they are slightly bigger.  This is the only line we stand in all day.  The doors open at 6 and there are always plenty for everyone who gets there early, so people are really polite and friendly.  Bonus – they usually have donuts, coffee and OJ, so breakfast is included.  I send the kids into school with the Poinsettias for their teacher gifts the Monday after Thanksgiving so they can be enjoyed all season. 
  • My next stop is the mall for Macy’s.  They always have a great white sale, so we replace all of our bed pillows AND they usually also have items that are free after rebate.  You can’t beat free!
  • Skip the checkout lines at Target.  You can usually purchase the Black Friday deals you want online and have them shipped to your house within a week. 
  • Most people think that there will be long lines at the mall the morning of Black Friday.  What I’ve found is the exact opposite.  In fact, there usually aren’t lines until around ten, so get in and get out early!

We are usually home by noon for a nap and then we get wrapping!  In my mind, December is for drinking wine with friends and baking cookies with the kids, because after all, I don’t want stress to be a part of my most wonderful time of the year.  Rocking Black Friday is our first step of making this happen!


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