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Is Travel on Your Retirement Bucket List? Make it Part of Your Financial Plan

Is Travel on Your Retirement Bucket List? Make it Part of Your Financial Plan

August 11, 2021

In our last blog, we asked travel expert Deb Clark what people should be aware of if they’re making travel plans in the near future.

But what if your plans for travel are part of your retirement goals?

In this piece we talk about implementing your dreams of travel into your financial planning, so you’ll be more prepared to live the lifestyle you’ve been envisioning.


When people think about traveling during retirement, what should they be aware of? Taking trips to see grandkids is a lot different than yearly African safaris. How can we best plan?

If you have several trips on your dream list, it’s best to have a 3–5-year plan for them.  I always suggest doing the most physically demanding ones first and or the ones that have a rapidly changing climate/environment such as Alaska and Antarctica.  Sometimes choosing the destination that is just gaining popularity is good to put at the top of the list. It will be less expensive than once everyone is going! 


How does aging affect travel? Are there trips we need to take sooner rather than later?

See answer above!  If you want to hike Machu Picchu, do a walking safari or a hut-to-hut trip in the French Alps, you should do that before less strenuous trips.


Along those lines…what types of trips do you recommend for different age groups? 50-60? 60-70? 70-80?

I feel that it’s more about physical ability than age, as well as travel style and interests. A 50-year-old might love doing European river cruises or guided small group sightseeing and a 75-year-old might prefer a private car and driver or even doing a self-driving trip. There are so many different ways to travel…there really is something for everyone.


What should we be aware of should a medical emergency happen while traveling? Are there extra policies we should have in place?

Travel insurance covers medical emergencies. We also have a local contact in every country that we send clients to so they can help assist with finding medical care and also with communication should the doctor or facility not speak English.



Deb Clark founded Premiere Travel Planners when she decided she wanted to do travel planning her way. After working for a travel agency, she realized that as an independent business owner she could work in the best interest of her clients and not the franchise she was affiliated with. Deb is able to combine her passion for travel with years of business ownership experience including personal training and in-home senior care. She brings great discipline, the ability to work with different types of clients, and knowledge of the importance of good processes.

When not researching (traveling), Deb enjoys cycling, hiking, kayaking, cooking, reading, and loving on her rescue dogs. Her favorite parts of travel are exploring new places, local cooking classes, and meeting new people. Deb especially loves travel to Antarctica, Iceland and Europe but her favorite trip is usually the one she’s just returned from!


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