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Online Spending Challenge Week 2: I Think We’re Getting Used to This

Online Spending Challenge Week 2: I Think We’re Getting Used to This

October 06, 2021

During the month of October, C. Beach Brown clients have been invited to participate in an Online Spending Challenge. We’re encouraging everyone to leave their items in their online shopping cart and only check out on Fridays, rather than engage in the impulse buying that get so many of us in trouble!

I’m participating in the challenge as well. I noticed during Week 1 that it was all about the excuses. Here’s where I am after Week 2!


Two Weeks Down, Two to Go

  • Items purchased - 4
  • Times checked out – 1
  • Total spent - $88.91

We’re starting to get into the groove of the online spending challenge in my house. This week, we spent a little less and I feel like better habits are starting to form.

Something that I’ve noticed is how I feel when I put items in my cart – it feels really good. I’m wondering if it’s giving me a dopamine hit without actually spending the money! Ultimately, the cart is becoming a tool for me to remember the things I need to buy, so I know I won’t forget. The beauty is that when it comes to actually hitting that button…I’m deleting items and moving others to purchase later.

Here’s an unexpected “glitch” in doing this in October of this year: I wasn’t expecting on trying to get some Christmas shopping done right now. But with the supply chain shortages, I know I need to plan ahead. Of my four items purchased, one was a gift and accounted for about fifty percent of my spending. Two others were wardrobe items for fall (thank you, COVID-19lbs.), and the final was a grooming necessity.

Overall, I feel like my family is adjusting. My girls are the best, saying things like, “I know you’re not buying anything online until Friday.” My husband, on the other hand, is the enabler in our household, trying to get me to cheat the system by offering his A**zon account. In a moment of weakness, I did have him order the compostable bags for our new compost service. Romance is not dead in my house.



We are fourteen days into this challenge and simply by raising my awareness, I have noticed a difference in my spending patterns.  So far, so good --- I just need to make sure that my enabling husband doesn’t wreck me.


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