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What We’ll Never do When it Comes to Your Cybersecurity

What We’ll Never do When it Comes to Your Cybersecurity

March 04, 2022

Between all the scams we get in our inboxes every day and the current concern over cybersecurity as Russia invades Ukraine, making sure our personal information is as protected as possible is something many people are taking seriously.

Even before this historical moment, stories about leaked information have become the norm. So, it’s more important than ever to know that we’re as protected as we can be.

When it comes to your personal accounts, recommends the following:

  • Use a unique, random password consisting of 16+ characters for each account.
  • Get a comprehensive list of all the places you have online accounts. 
  • Improve your security once a year, including updating passwords.

There are also things you should know about how C. Beach Brown handles your security – specifically about the things we won’t do.


We will never…

  • Ask you to respond to a text with personal information so we can update your accounts. If we need something like this, we’ll always call you.
  • Email you asking for the same information.
  • Email you telling you that we need you to take immediate action on an application. Again, if it is urgent, we’ll call you.
  • Shame you if you’ve been the victim of a scam. The key word here is victim. There is no shame. The criminals are really good at what they do. We want to help you with solutions.

As always, especially during these unprecedented times, we are dedicated to being a trusted resource for you. Should you ever receive a questionable call or email, always feel free to reach out to our office to double check its validity.


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